ORIGINAL PUBLICATION HERE. PDF VERSION HERE China’s Belt and Road Initiative, the economic project which aims to recreate the ancient Silk Road that linked Europe to Asia, needs protecting. ILS could provide the perfect solution, as Kirill K. Savrassov, chief executive of Phoenix CRetro Reinsurance Company, tells Bermuda:Re+ILS. In September a 5.8 magnitude earthquake shook Istanbul, triggering the evacuation of schools […]

IDF members commit $5bn of capacity to support InsuResilience goals


FULL ORIGINAL PUBLICATION HERE Members of the Insurance Development Forum (IDF) have committed to provide up to US $5 billion of risk capacity to support delivery of the InsuResilience Vision 2025 goals, while the United Nations and other sovereign actors have committed to extending climate and disaster insurance to 500 million. Announced yesterday in New […]

Jan Kellett, senior adviser, Finance Hub, United Nations Development Program, said large populations will be better served when insurers work with organizations and governments to tailor products to fill unmet needs.  

ORIGINAL PUBLICATION HERE Discussion Paper for the High-Level Consultative Group (HLCG) This discussion paper is prepared by the Secretariat of the InsuResilience Global Partnership (“Partnership”) based upon a synthesis of evidence commissioned by members and initial consultations with members. Concessional Support for climate and disaster risk finance and insurance (“CDRFI”) is a complex, sensitive and […]

ORIGINAL PUBLICATION HERE The countries and territories of the Western Balkans region are highly vulnerable to the majority of natural catastrophe events, underlining the need for increased awareness of the capabilities of various sources of risk financing, including the catastrophe bond and insurance-linked securities (ILS) space. International organisations, private sector companies and academia for countries […]

ORIGINAL PUBLICATION HERE ‘Dry port’ pins its hopes on foreign investors to spur faster growth A worker at Khorgos Gateway, which operates a container terminal on the border between Kazakhstan and China, directs a crane as it unloads steel coils from a container. (photo by Wataru Suzuki) KHORGOS, Kazakhstan — One of the most ambitious projects in China’s […]

ORIGINAL PUBLICATION HERE The use of protectionist measures in emerging countries remains a “significant barrier” to the ability of European re/insurers to place business in these regions, according to Insurance Europe. In a recent report, the European insurance and reinsurance federation highlighted concerns about protectionist trends in a number of high growth potential markets. For […]

ОРИГИНАЛЬНАЯ ПУБЛИКАЦИЯ ЗДЕСЬ Кабмин утвердил стратегию по снижению риска бедствий в Узбекистане, главная цель которой — защита населения и территорий от чрезвычайных ситуаций. Кабинет Министров 12 апреля утвердил стратегию достижения целей «Сендайской рамочной программы по снижению риска бедствий на 2015−2030 годы» и национальный план по ее реализации, сообщила Norma.uz. Цель стратегии — повышение эффективности реформ в сфере комплексной защиты населения и территорий от бедствий и существенное сокращение к 2030 году числа погибших и пострадавших, а также […]

ORIGINAL PUBLICATION HERE Disaster risks and costs are on the rise in Asia, a region where under-insurance is still the norm and spending by government’s on contingent sources of disaster risk financing relatively scarce, leading the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to call for more to be done. Among the issues cited as requiring more focus, […]

ОРИГИНАЛЬНАЯ ПУБЛИКАЦИЯ ЗДЕСЬ Москва. 10 апреля. ИНТЕРФАКС — Наблюдательный совет “Российской национальной перестраховочной компании” (РНПК), куда входят представители Банка России как единственного акционера компании, одобрил предложение по финансированию из прибыли РНПК проекта по созданию карты затоплений во всех субъектах России, сообщил журналистам президент перестраховщика Николай Галушин. “Пилотный проект был начат силами ВСС (Всероссийский союз страховщиков […]