ORIGINAL PUBLICATION HERE The World Bank is targeting the development of a second iteration of the Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility, an improved PEF 2.0 as it is being called, which it expects to be marketed around May 2020, prior to the maturing of the first transaction. The World Bank is calling for assistance from risk […]

ORIGINAL PUBLICATION HERE 中国香港(2019年4月3日讯)— 亚洲开发银行(亚行)年度经济旗舰报告《2019年亚洲发展展望》表明,亚洲地区面临的灾害风险不断增加,亚洲发展中国家急需建立应对机制,在灾害发生前通过完善规划、制定政府预算并鼓励保险投入,增强应对能力。 亚行首席经济学家泽田康幸(Yasuyuki Sawada)先生表示,“每五个受自然灾害影响的人中有四个生活在亚洲。虽然近年来亚洲率先减少灾害风险,但仍需采取更多行动,从而在国家和社区层面着手解决脆弱性问题并制定应对措施。” 灾害通常更容易对贫困和边缘家庭、小企业以及太平洋岛国等小而偏远的国家造成重大影响。尽管气候变化加剧了自然灾害,快速城镇化也使风险不断增加,但自1980年以来,亚洲地区仅有8%的自然灾害获得了保险赔偿。

ORIGINAL PUBLICATION HERE HONG KONG, CHINA (3 April 2019) — With the region facing ever-higher disaster risks, developing Asia urgently needs to build its resilience before catastrophe strikes through better planning, setting aside government budget, and encouraging insurance, says a new research produced as part of the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) flagship economic publication, the Asian Development […]

ORIGINAL PUBLICATION HERE Mozambique has been hit by one of the worst natural disasters to ever strike the country, after cyclone Idai barreled into its coastline and drenched the region, resulting in hundreds of deaths and significant devastation. The number of deaths caused in Mozambique alone by cyclone Idai has now reached over 400 according […]

ORIGINAL PUBLICATION HERE As a structured finance specialist in the World Bank Treasury, I work on a trading floor and talk to banks, investors, and development partners daily, so together we can find cost-effective and sustainable solutions to address climate change. The World Bank estimates that without urgent action, climate change could push an additional 100 […]

ORIGINAL PUBLICATION HERE The government of Hong Kong included insurance-linked securities (ILS) in its budget this week, demonstrating the level of importance being placed on developing appropriate legislation in the Special Administrative Region of China. Hong Kong began planning for the development of legislation to allow for the establishment of reinsurance related special purpose vehicles for […]

ORIGINAL PUBLICATION HERE The Philippines, the Asian Development Bank and private market entities are working to develop a parametric disaster insurance pooling facility for Philippine cities to buy protection from, backed by reinsurance and capital markets funding. The Philippine City Disaster Insurance Pool (PCDIP) is being designed by a collaboration between the Philippine Department of […]

ORIGINAL PUBLICATION HERE Deteriorating international relations are hindering the world’s ability to foster collective action and tackle the most serious global risks, according to the World Economic Forum (WEF). The Forum’s Global Risks Report 2019 said that international cooperation looks set to worsen further over the coming year, with experts identifying rising geopolitical and geo-economic […]

ORIGINAL PUBLICATION HERE The World Bank Group will double its financing of climate change adaptation and resilience related projects, with one area of focus being the delivery and facilitation of financial protection instruments that can help countries respond early to, and recover faster from, climate and disaster shocks. Under the new Action Plan on Climate […]