ORIGINAL PUBLICATION HERE Discussion Paper for the High-Level Consultative Group (HLCG) This discussion paper is prepared by the Secretariat of the InsuResilience Global Partnership (“Partnership”) based upon a synthesis of evidence commissioned by members and initial consultations with members. Concessional Support for climate and disaster risk finance and insurance (“CDRFI”) is a complex, sensitive and […]

ORIGINAL PUBLICATION HERE With the growing use of data analytics in the digital age, the use of insurance products such as parametric insurance, is starting to grow around the world. And with the effects of climate change now a reality such policy options are becoming more attractive to people internationally in a wide range of sectors, from construction […]

ORIGINAL PUBLICATION HERE The countries and territories of the Western Balkans region are highly vulnerable to the majority of natural catastrophe events, underlining the need for increased awareness of the capabilities of various sources of risk financing, including the catastrophe bond and insurance-linked securities (ILS) space. International organisations, private sector companies and academia for countries […]

ORIGINAL PUBLICATION HERE Catastrophe risk modelling specialist RMS has announced a raft of risk model updates, including to its U.S. hurricane model and Asia earthquake models, while also announcing a new Managing Director for Asia-Pacific and Japan. RMS said that it is releasing updates to its view of hurricane risk across hurricane-impacted countries in the […]

ORIGINAL PUBLICATION HERE CCRIF SPC (formerly the Caribbean Catastrophe Risk Insurance Facility) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM) to finalise its fisheries and aquaculture parametric insurance product for the region. CCRIF has been working on developing a parametric insurance product to support the fisheries sector in the […]

ОРИГИНАЛЬНАЯ ПУБЛИКАЦИЯ ЗДЕСЬ Москва. 10 апреля. ИНТЕРФАКС — Наблюдательный совет “Российской национальной перестраховочной компании” (РНПК), куда входят представители Банка России как единственного акционера компании, одобрил предложение по финансированию из прибыли РНПК проекта по созданию карты затоплений во всех субъектах России, сообщил журналистам президент перестраховщика Николай Галушин. “Пилотный проект был начат силами ВСС (Всероссийский союз страховщиков […]

ORIGINAL PUBLICATION HERE The World Bank is targeting the development of a second iteration of the Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility, an improved PEF 2.0 as it is being called, which it expects to be marketed around May 2020, prior to the maturing of the first transaction. The World Bank is calling for assistance from risk […]

ORIGINAL PUBLICATION HERE Cyber risks are a logical place for the use of insurance-linked securities (ILS) capital as there is a real need for capacity, according to Brian Duperreault, the CEO of insurance giant AIG. Duperreault was interviewed on stage at the annual SIFMA IRLS conference in Miami, Florida yesterday. He discussed the evolution of […]

ORIGINAL PUBLICATION HERE AbsoluteClimo, a climate and weather modeling, forecasting and risk management firm based in Hawaii, has launched what it calls the “World’s First Catastrophic Risk Models Linked To Skillful Climate Physics Prediction.” Climo๏Cats (ClimoCats), as its climate catastrophe risk models are called, will enable insurance, reinsurance and insurance-linked securities (ILS) market participants to […]

ORIGINAL PUBLICATION HERE A group of United Nations backed initiatives are looking to expand the use of parametric or index insurance and reinsurance in the Pacific region, with a study expected to identify new use-cases and possibilities to drive uptake. The Pacific islands are not strangers to parametric insurance, having a World Bank supported Pacific […]