ORIGINAL PUBLICATION HERE The insurance-linked securities (ILS) market and alternative capital use in reinsurance is dominated by property catastrophe excess-of-loss contracts, a study by the Bermuda Monetary Authority (BMA) found. Around 40% of the Bermuda based ILS market’s aggregate exposure comes from the United States and U.S. cedents led the way with 65% of gross […]

ORIGINAL PUBLICATION HERE When I was a teenager, I hitchhiked from Lithuania to Armenia and back. Time rich and cash poor, I took risks I wouldn’t today. My trip was filled with comparisons and contrasts. Some things, like squeezing into a crammed Lada remained almost constant from country to country. Others, like landscapes and local […]

ORIGINAL PUBLICATION HERE The coastal Indian state of Kerala suffered an estimated economic loss of $4.5bn due to the floods that ravaged the state in August this year. Kerala has demanded that the federal Indian government provide additional resources to rebuild the state’s damaged infrastructure. Kerala’s demand for additional resources has initiated a debate about […]

ORIGINAL PUBLICATION HERE While everyone had originally said that 2017’s catastrophe losses were providing the first real test of insurance-linked securities (ILS) investors and structures, according to Dirk Lohmann, Chairman and CEO of Secquaero Advisors Ltd., it is actually 2018 that is the real test for the ILS market. The record hurricane insurance and reinsurance losses […]

ORIGINAL PUBLICATION HERE Multi-cat bonds or other ILS solutions are the only viable solution for coping with natural disasters in the Eastern European and Commonwealth of Independent States region, and Bermuda could have a big role to 
play in making this happen, says Kirill Savrassov, chief executive of Bermuda-based Phoenix CRetro Reinsurance. The human cost […]

ОРИГИНАЛЬНАЯ ПУБЛИКАЦИЯ ЗДЕСЬ По мнению отраслевых экспертов, для стран региона ECIS (Юго-восточная Европа, Центральная Азия, Южный Кавказ, Содружество Независимых Государств и Турция) катастрофические облигации могут снять риски с государственных бюджетов и усилить макроэкономическую стабильность, обеспечивая при этом доступ к быстрому финансированию для восстановления {после стихийных бедствий}. Однако,в регионе необходимо лучшее понимание этого класса активов. Страны […]

ORIGINAL PUBLICATION HERE. РУССКИЙ ПЕРЕВОД ЗДЕСЬ For countries in the ECIS region, catastrophe bonds can remove risks from government balance sheets and reinforce macro-economic stability while providing access to rapid recovery funding, but more understanding of this asset class needs to take place in the region, according to industry experts. Countries throughout the Europe and […]

ORIGINAL PUBLICATION HERE A report from Kroll Bond Rating Agency (KBRA) highlights the ability of Bermuda over the years to re/invent to address insurance and reinsurance market challenges, underlining its significance to the global re/insurance market. Today, and despite an array of market headwinds, the island of Bermuda remains a seasoned provider of re/insurance and […]

ОРИГИНАЛЬНАЯ ПУБЛИКАЦИЯ ЗДЕСЬ Параметрические катастрофические облигации могут помочь странам Юго-восточной Европы, Центральной Азии, Кавказа, Содружества Независимых Государств и Турции (ECIS) справится с недострахованностью катастрофических рисков, сказал Baden-Baden Today Кирилл Саврасов, CEO Phoenix CRetro, Бермудской компании, специализирующейся в Страховых Ценных Бумагах (ILS) . “С низким охватом страхованием (менее 2%), перестраховочным протекционизмом и растущими последствиями изменения климата, […]