Insurance-linked securities: Embracing catastrophic risks



Insurance-linked securities (ILS) are an asset class based upon insurance events. They provide an element of diversity to portfolios. Put simply, a market collapse is unlikely to be correlated to a natural disaster.



New to ILS, cat bonds and insurance linked investments?



As the asset class covering insurance linked securities and reinsurance linked investments grows, new readers may be looking for simple explanations of some of the key topics Artemis covers.



MarketView Reinsurance companies dealing with ART, catastrophe bonds and weather risk management


“Investing in Hurricanes” by Adam Alvares


Insurance Linked




A very good fundamentals explanation from an online resource for catastrophe bond and insurance linked investments.

Reinsurance is not complicated but it is full of jargon. This 50 page booklet explains the key ideas that are necessary to make an informed investment in insurance linked funds. Introduced by the former partner responsible for the Goldman Sachs catastrophe bond business, the guide systematically explains the funds and their underlying assets.


Catastrophe Bonds – A to Z


A reader of this publication, the president of an insurance agency, recently wrote to say he kept hearing about catastrophe bonds but had little knowledge of what they were. He was curious if these instruments would replace traditional reinsurance and was particularly concerned about a scenario that would result in the catastrophe bond market’s collapse, resulting in widespread financial problems for primary insurers and economic calamity…..



Introduction to Cat Bonds by Entropics Asset Management



Swiss Re: Explaining Parametric Solutions

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