The weather forecasters predicted an increase in the number of natural disasters in Russia. These conclusions were broadcasted on Sputnik radio by Alexei Kokorin, Director of the “Climate and Energy” program of WWF Russia.

According to EMERCOM’s “Antistikhia” Center the number of major natural disasters in Russia will increase steadily and can reach 16 cases per year.

This happens for two reasons: climate change and human economic activity. In general, the increase in the number of disasters repeats the trend of rising temperatures on the planet. This follows from the document available to RIA Novosti.

It is also noted that the increased risk of catastrophes poses a significant threat to the population and the economy. Over the past 20 years, more than three million people in the world have been the victims of man-made and natural disasters, more than 800 million have been affected.

More than 90 million Russians live in the areas of potential damage. This is 60% of the country’s population. Annual economic damage (direct and indirect) from natural and man-made disasters can reach 1.5-2% of GDP, that is between 675 billion to 900 billion rubles (USD 11,8 – 15,8 bln.)

According to  “Antistikhia”, more than 70% of hazardous weather events that bring social and economic losses occur in a warm period. So, last year 81% of disasters fell on the gap from April to October.

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