Global Brands Magazine team congratulates “Phoenix CRetro” team on winning the “Best Digital Experience for Customers – Central & Eastern Europe 2018” for the year 2018. This year’s award winners were selected from a very competitive group of entrants, all of whom demonstrated unique and exceptional service delivery towards evolving financial sectors. Phoenix CRetro was […]

ОРИГИНАЛЬНАЯ ПУБЛИКАЦИЯ ЗДЕСЬ Организатор российских гастролей Робби Уильямса — о последствиях их отмены Отмена двух российских концертов Робби Уильямса, которые должны были завершить его тур в поддержку альбома «The Heavy Entertainment Show», стала полной неожиданностью для поклонников, разогретых рекламной кампанией, которая длилась целый год. Певец пожаловался на здоровье и был госпитализирован. А публика все равно […]

ORIGINAL PUBLICATION HERE With Hurricane Irma hitting the Gulf Coast of the United States following Hurricane Harvey a little over a fortnight ago, investors holding catastrophe bonds for storms over these regions are likely to lose their money. Financial losses of investors pale into insignificance against the death and destruction of the hurricanes, but insurance […]

ORIGINAL PUBLICATION HERE. Русский перевод здесь. The longevity of Belarus’ president, Aleksander Lukashenko, owes as much to the structure of the country’s economy as it does to his sharp and often criticised leadership skills, which have resulted in a narrowing of the political space and the suppression of opposition. Much of his legitimacy rests on […]

    On 18 June 2015, the cream of the (re)insurance convergence market gathered for its annual awards ceremony to acknowledge the hard work and professionalism awarded by industry leading newsletter Trading Risk. Phoenix CRetro was extremely proud to be part of Bermuda Delegation led by Greg Wojciechowski, ILS Bermuda Chairman & Bermuda Stock Exchange CEO, […]

ORIGINAL PUBLICATION HERE  With deep-rooted historical connections to Europe and a range of advantages in the corporate world, Bermuda is truly a world-class international business centre Bermuda’s connections with Europe began in 1505 when Juan de Bermúdez first discovered the islands. They were first settled in 1609. In the Age of Discovery, when mariners crisscrossed the […]